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At Tilton Fitness, the leading gym in Brick NJ, with six other amazing locations across the state, we offer Small Group Training options for our members. Our Small Group Training combines the camaraderie and social atmosphere of a group setting with the instruction and guidance of personal training at significant savings.

Experience a fun, dynamic environment that challenges you mentally and physically with programs utilizing kettlebells, TRX suspension bands, high-intensity interval circuits, and sport-specific athletic training in Brick, NJ and our other locations!

Small-Group Training programs will get you results sooner with the added accountability and motivation of your fellow group members. One to twelve members can attend a Small Group Training session with the guidance of one of our highly-educated exercise professionals. If you want to function better and feel better all while having fun, look no further than Small Group Training!

For more information on signing up for our fitness classes in NJ, please give your Tilton Fitness location a call today. 

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