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Why Work with a Personal Trainer?

Fitness - by Tilton Fitness
July 18, 2019
Tilton Fitness is proud to have the top personal training staff in the fitness game available daily for the needs of our clients. At our Northfield, NJ and six other locations, our trainers can help you achieve your goals in a variety of fields and specialties.

Looking to strength train, learn Yoga, or find out more about nutrition? We have the fitness professional that can help you go far beyond your goals in all of these fields and more.

But let’s say, just hypothetically of course, that maybe you’re a little shy or unsure about asking for a professional trainer’s assistance. Well for you, friend, below we have detailed the top reasons we could think of to why you should work with a personal trainer at a Tilton Fitness gym near you!

Expertise and Education

Even for the most hardcore do-it-yourselfer, having assistance from someone that works in fitness every day can lead to tremendous wins. Think of what you do for a living, or even the projects you do at home daily. They all require a skillset that maybe no one but you has, or perhaps there is someone with a little more experience out there that can assist you.

For example, unless you’re a professional electrician, you might not want to try to re-wire your entire house alone, but you can probably change a lightbulb safely.

Our personal training staff can utilize their expertise in helping folks just like you to achieve your goals and to do it properly. Many of the lessons and exercises you will work on together might be completely new, and once you have learned how to do them properly, you can take them home or anywhere you need in the future and be not only efficient but safe, in practicing them.

Goal Setting

As alluded to above, clients seek the help of our New Jersey personal trainers for all sorts of reasons. One of the best things our trainers can help you do is set realistic goals and figure out the right steps to take to get there.

Say you want to run the New York City Marathon next year. That’s an impressive goal! We will pair you with the right trainer, or maybe even trainers, that can help you take the proper steps to get you there. You probably won’t start out running for hours straight non-stop unless you sprint a bit first. Our trainers can help keep your goals in check, making sure you are exceeding at a healthy pace before moving on to the next program, all which will lead to your success in the end.

The “Buddy” Factor

Last, but not least, we want your relationship with your personal trainer to be MORE than just a client basis. Your trainer is here to be your buddy, to be your person that helps you with this vital aspect of your life: your fitness!

We find that most of our personal trainers learn and know more about their clients than sometimes close family friends of years can! At a session, you want to leave it all out there, and venting or working through all of what is weighing on your will only help you succeed in meeting your goals.

Maybe your boss is riding you hard this week, so you are extra stressed. Because of that, you’re not only mentally not focused, but maybe your diet is going off the rails a little bit too.

Your personal trainer can help talk you through these stresses and subsequently push you to take action and go beyond them too. They can help you form good habits, from diet to handling stress, and everything in between. Our Tilton Fitness personal trainers are here to do more than earn your referral, or your money…they are here to help you excel in being the best version of you!

To find out more about personal training sessions available in Northfield NJ, or Tilton Fitness’ six other New Jersey-based locations near you, contact us today by clicking here!

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